Top 5 Fitness Centers

Americans are known for over sizing everything. It doesn’t come as a surprise that fitness centers are growing in popularity. This trend of getting healthy and fit is one that appears to come and go. Currently this trend has been around for some time. With so many new people getting into getting healthy, it has created a large group of people who do not know where to turn to when they need help. For many people, they have lived unhealthy for so long that they don’t know how to work towards getting healthy. Therefore fitness centers have turned into more than just a place to work out. Fitness centers are also offering personal trainers, support groups, wellness classes, group classes, workshops, and fitness challenges that are all intended to help each person learn how to obtain their fitness goals. Across the nation there are five that stand out over the rest.

Equinox – Their motto sums up the Equinox experience, “It’s not fitness it’s Life.” Each of their gyms is unique. They offer a large variety of classes, workshops, and trainers to help their clients They are associated with having the best and the most advanced equipment

Lifetime Fitness – They strive to provide a day spa feeling in all of their gyms. Most of them do have a spa. Each has a cafe that sells nutritional and delicious meals. They are known for providing the same level of high-quality service in all of their locations.

24 Hour Fitness– They are the largest privately held chain of fitness centers. They were the first to provide the 24/7 hours of operation. There are locations worldwide. They pride themselves on their security. They offer amenities that range from high-end to basic services. Out of the larger chains that provide higher end services, they are the most affordable.

Curves – Is a women-only fitness center. Curves boast about appealing to those that are just getting into or getting back into working out. They claim a high success rate. They offer a multitude of classes that target those of all fitness ranges. Working with Jillian MIchaels they created workouts that are aimed for strength building and fat burning workout.

Gold’s Gym – They started off as a gym geared towards fitness buffs and body builders. They have since become family friendly. The classes and programs are designed for people of all ages. They joined up with AARP to develop programs specifically for designed for seniors. Gold’s may not be centered on body building but they still promote using trainers to help keep you focused on your fitness goals.

YMCA – The YMCA has been around for over 160 years. They are centered around family. Their facilities are in communities across the nation. They may not have the most advanced equipment but they strive to provide affordable services.

Obesity is an every growing crisis in our nation. It is expected to surpass smoking as a leading cause of premature death. Obesity is not only costing the nation in lives but it is also costing Americans financially. The move towards getting healthier is one that every American needs to grasp onto and never let go. Americans have a large choice of gyms and fitness centers to choose from. With the use of the internet the cost can be made more manageable. There are websites that offer coupons and discount codes for various merchants. One such website is They have discounts ranging from a free day pass to percentages off of the final price. There is a style of gym out there to fit everyone.